About Drive South Africa

The Beginning of the Adventure

Drive South Africa was born out of passion for a continent blessed with an abundance of natural wonder, and the desire to explore every facet it offers.
In 2001, Steve Conradie embarked on a six-month self-drive African safari, engaging his enthusiasm for 4x4 safaris and his desire to build on his previous African adventures. Upon returning Steve met Andre Van Kets, a Business Science graduate with fervor for information technology, equally enthusiastic about Africa and the prospect of unlocking the continent to 4x4 fans through an online platform.

Drive South Africa Arrives

In 2002 Drive South Africa was born, initially as 4x4 Buy Back service, the company emerged as an early authority in the 4x4 market, able to offer comprehensive advice and first-hand experience for journeys into Africa. Soon customers came looking for alternative to the 4x4 buy back option, wanting expert advice and short-term 4x4 hire, as demand for this resource grew Drive South Africa decided to turn the outsourcing of 4x4 rental into an in house service and in March 2003 began leasing 4-wheel drive vehicles to customers. By June 2003 demand for Drive South Africa’s attentive customer service permeated into the car rental market, with increasing requests for car rental, Drive South Africa incorporated car hire into it’s product catalogue. Camper hire followed in 2004 and services such as chauffeur hire, transfers and self-drive tours emerged over the course of 2004 and 2005.

Our Philosophy

Drive South Africa was started on the premise that as a company it would deliver uncompromising customer service, provided by knowledgeable staff and offer innovative technology to present a seamless vehicle hire experience to everyone wanting to discover Africa. These founding principals still hold true and imbue us to continue to push boundaries and be so much more than just a car rental company.

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The Discover Africa Group

Drive South Africa, Overlanding Africa and Discover Africa are members of Discover Africa Group

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